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Organizations choose Innovative Solutions as a trusted partner to help unlock the full potential within their workforces through targeted professional development experiences.  These professional development experiences have proven to increase organizational performance and employee engagement.

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About Us

Innovative Solutions is a Professional Learning and Development consulting firm that was founded in 2001, and serves a nationwide client base comprised of corporate, academic and non-for-profit organizations. Innovative Solutions provides packaged learning programs but specializes in custom designed programs that focus on the following objectives:

  • Meet the client’s specific needs and objectives
  • Enable organizations to leverage the potential of their employees
  • Support organizational focus on achievement of goals and objectives
  • Enhance qualified and credentialed employees’ ability to effectively utilize academic and technical knowledge, experience and know-how
  • Support the conscious and continuous process of professional “brand” development

We support capacity building and continuous growth and development with customized programs that:

  • enhance the performance and output of employees
  • enhance program participants’ ability to fully utilize their knowledge and experience in the workplace; and
  • take participants through a process of personal awareness and discovery, identification of development goals and personal action plan development.
Clients hire, recognize and recommend Innovative Solutions because of the participants’ experience. Innovative Solutions is acknowledged and respected for providing “learning experiences” that enable participants to draw on their knowledge, experience and know-how as a foundation for continuous learning and achievement.
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Professional Development Programs

Professional Skills Programs – Customized Programs

  • Enhance the performance and output of employees
  • Enhance employees’ ability to fully utilize their knowledge and experience in the workplace
  • Participants (employees) go through a process of personal awareness and discovery, identification of development goals and personal action plan development

Organizational Effectiveness Programs

Customized Learning Experiences that support capacity building within organizations and teams; focusing on the impact of professional skills development.

  • Enhance ability to establish and sustain a sound and healthy culture
  • Address specific organization initiatives
  • Achieve organization goals and objectives.
  • Programs include Conflict Resolution, Customer Service, Team Building

Purchasing Models

Innovative Solutions provides services through several cost-effective models. Please CONTACT US to discuss the option is best for your situation.

Customized Programs - Our custom learning interactions are implemented using our time-tested INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS FORMULA.

Program Licensing - Our program licensing models are designed for organizations that wish to embed our learning experiences into their own learning and development programs. The program license features a comprehensive train-the-trainer program, a trainer manual, as well as templates for participant activities and participant workbooks.

Online Subscription - Our online programs are presented as a compilation of inter-related modules, delivered via an easy to use web-based learning management platform. Access can be configured for teams or individuals. Users can feel the power of Innovative solutions learning experiences through the convenience of online learning.




"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." -- Michael Jordan
Team Menber

Elaine Robbins-Harris


Elaine Robbins-Harris is the founder and President of Innovative Solutions Consulting, a professional development consulting firm based in Chicago, Illinois.

Elaine develops and implements programs that support professional development and organizational effectiveness for a nationwide client base. She has over 20 years of experience in developing and/or facilitating professional development programs in the academic, corporate and not-for-profit sectors.

Elaine has designed and delivered workshops and seminars with a focus on Professional Skills, Leadership Development, Mentoring/Coaching Skills, Customer Service Programs and Career Development. Elaine develops and implements programs for specialized audiences. She specializes in customized program design and implementation.

Elaine’s expertise is based on her experience in the corporate arena working for Xerox and AT&T in sales, account management, project management, and group management. Her experience as a consultant and program developer/facilitator in the academic and not-for-profit arenas is also an important element of the foundation that supports her work.