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Case Study: Chicago Youth Center

CHICAGO YOUTH CENTER was working in partnership with Chicago Public Schools to ensure that social workers were effective in supporting at- risk students and their families. Parents as Learning Partners Program was presented to the social workers to prepare them to support parents in developing the attitude and habits they could teach, model and reinforce with their children to support their academic achievement and success. Then Social Workers later reported that the concepts and strategies were being successfully utilized by parents with whom they interacted.

Case Study:Thornton Township
Grandparent Program

The Director of Thornton Township Family & Community Center indicated that grandparents in the community were challenged with the responsibility of raising their grandchildren. Parents as Learning Partners was presented to Grandparents in the Thornton Township Community, to provide strategies for helping children develop the habits and “achievement attitude” required for continuous learning and achievement. It was noted that these grandparents felt that the program was beneficial because the material covered in the program enabled them to be more effective in situations that are new to their generation.

Case Study: Illinois Action For Children

As advocates Champions quality child care and early education for families and children throughout state, Illinois Action for Children, provides training and resources for providers and families. The Parents as Learning Partners Program and handbook was used for several initiatives that supported their mission to provide children a foundation for a lifetime of learning and prosperity and to strengthen families and communities. Leadership at Illinois for Action Children have stated that the focus of Parents as Learning Partners Program aligns with their mission and initiatives. It is included as a staple for many programs they provide.

ADDITIONAL CLIENTS Include the following:

  • Near West Side Community Development Corp
  • Steans Foundation
  • Passages
  • Chicago Public Schools
  • Fairmont School District
  • Black child Development Center
  • Strengthening Families, Illinois

Case Study: University of Illinois Chicago
Women In Technology Program

The Director of the Women in Technology Program recognized that academic and technical education requires the support of professional skills for career achievement and success. The Success Factors Program was presented as a workshop to supplement career planning. The young women who participated in the program noted that the program was valuable as they prepared to embark on their careers. They indicated that understanding the variable characteristics of being a lifelong learner and being aware of personal power were very beneficial.

Case Study: i.c. stars

i.c. stars, a workplace development organization, provides an intense program that enables young urban adults to develop advanced technical skills and leadership skills, as preparation for career opportunities. The President of i.c. stars noted that it is crucial for the interns to have a strong foundation of professional skills that enable and empower them to readily acclimate to the corporate (organization) culture and apply their technical and/or academic knowledge.

The Success Factors Program has been presented to several intern groups at i.c. stars. participants have indicated that the Success Factors program has provided awareness and strategies that will enable them to effectively navigate the workplace and fully utilize the technical knowledge and skills gained at i.c. stars.