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Innovative Solutions Consulting partners with corporate clients to support them in demonstrating Social Responsibility with professional learning programs that support growth and development in the communities.

These programs enable private organizations to demonstrate good corporate citizenship by investing in social capital.

The investment in the community has the additional benefit of positively impacting the organization culture and the opinion of customers/clients.

Innovative Solutions Learning Programs can be presented to support corporate Social Responsibility.

Parent involvement in children’s academic and character development has a major impact on the growth and strength of the community. Programs that empower the parents build a strong foundation for children.

Parents as Learning Partners:

  • Impact parents’ awareness regarding their role as Learning Partners
  • Build parental skills and confidence
  • Provides parents with strategies that enable them to teach, model and reinforce the attitude, habits and critical thinking skills required for continuous learning and achievement
  • Develops a teaching-learning relationship between parents and children
  • Build parental skills and confidence to interact effectively with teachers and school administrators 

Jumpstart: Foundation for Success:

Success in the workplace supports social and economic strength in the community.

Jumpstart: Foundation for Success is a professional development program that supports program participants in achieving job/career success. The program provides the foundation skills that prepare participants to apply professional knowledge and industry skills to actual work objectives and requirements.

The program supports participants in developing communication skills, collaboration skills and diversity awareness/skills.