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Program Licensing

Develop Professional Learning Communities

Parents as Learning Partners and Jumpstart: Foundation for Success - are available for purchase. Purchase of the program includes Train the Trainer program, trainer manual, and workbook and activity templates.

License allows use of the program for 4 consecutive years .

The program will be revised every 4 years.

Train the Trainer programs: Professional learning programs are essential to organizations that are working to enhance and support growth and development in the community.

The Train-the-Trainer programs support the professionals who direct, coordinate and implement Family and/or Community programs to accomplish the following objectives:


  • Enhance ability to communicate effectively with parents

  • Develop strategies to develop and sustain a “learning community” that welcomes and encourages parents to participate

  • Understand and communicate to parents the impact of positive attitude, healthy habits and specific skills on the learning and development process

  • Develop the ability to engage parents and effectively present workshop concepts and strategies to parents    


  • Support participants in developing the awareness, resiliency, attitude and foundation skills that increase and enhance opportunities for continuous growth and workplace success.

  • Provide participants with strong foundation of skills that will be a complement to specialized industry or professional knowledge and experience

  • Prepare students to apply learned concepts and industry skills to actual work objectives and requirements 

  • Provide participants with skills and strategies to manage the variables of the learning process (i.e., challenge, uncertainty, mistakes, success) on the job
  • Prepare participants to apply presented concepts and skills in developing and projecting a professional image