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Client Testimonials

Dear Ms. Elaine Robins Harris: 

Thank You for Contributing to the success of Fairmont School District’s Family Literacy Night. I heard many positive comments from the parents who attended. The Parents as Learning Partners presentation and workshop supported our continuous efforts to engage our parents as valuable participants in our learning community. 

Your emphasis on the value of parents' experience as a teaching tool stresses to parents the importance of their role as "Ieaming partners." I appreciate the high level of parent engagement that you carefully planned for and executed during the session. The parents especially enjoyed being provided the opportunity to tell their own stories. 

As a result of doing so, they were able to connect to the workshop experience by making a connection between the relevance of the workshop experience and their own lives. I truly believe that this experience empowered our parents. They left the session feeling as if their experiences mattered and that (regardless of their literacy level) they can positively contribute to their child's success both academically and socially. 

The strategies you shared for managing the challenges of learning and for developing critical thinking skills will be great resources for parents to use during the summer and throughout the entire school year. 

In summary, your presentation far exceeded our expectations. I look forward to our continued partnership. 

Dr. Sonya Whitaker, 
Superintendent Fairmont School District 89 

Dear Elaine,
Thank you for the wonderful training experience you provided for the Chicago Youth Center professional staff. It was very insightful and thought provoking.

You spoke of the importance of the staff becoming a "learning community" and you supported them in doing that. Everyone appreciated the opportunity to reflect on their experiences and to "tell their stories" as a way of contributing to the collective learning and development of the entire group.

The concepts and ideas that you presented to the staff helped them to build on their experience and develop additional strategies for the work they do.

They are still talking about you and we are discussing how we can get you back for additional training. We are looking forward to another opportunity to participate with you as a "learning community"


Christy Beighe-Byrne, Director of Mentor and volunteer Services Chicago Youth Centers

Dear Elaine,

The workshop you presented to the day care providers exceeded my expectations.

Illinois Action for Children is committed to providing our community providers with programs that enhance their capacity to effectively serve children and families. Your program, Parents as Learning Partners, was the perfect fit for the support we give our daycare providers. Your emphasis on creating a "learning community" and affirming the work that is done by the daycare providers laid the foundation for a great learning experience.

The materials and strategies that you provided were beneficial and timely because the daycare providers value their role of supporting parents and they realize that strategies that can be shared with parents will ultimately have a positive effect on the children.

The handbook that supports the program offers the daycare providers with a handy and useful resource that enable them to offer continuous and consistent support to the parents. Daycare providers who participated in the program are still talking about how much they enjoyed the workshops and how much they learned.

Thank you. We appreciate your work and we look forward to having you work with our daycare providers in the future.

Sincerely, Jill Bradley,
Director Early Learning Support Systems
Illinois Action for Children

As a consultant to a major telecommunications corporation and owner of a technical training corporation, I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Harris.

Ms. Harris is an effective facilitator, who successfully interacts with participants, providing a supportive atmosphere for learning and reflection. Ms. Harris has developed program content and materials that participants are able to apply not only in their work environment but carry with them into their day to day living. As a trainer, coach or consultant, Ms. Harris is professional and talented in the art of delivering and exchanging ideas and information and creating new materials.

- Judith Monroe, President The Monroe Group

Ms. Harris is an exceptional facilitator. With Ms. Harris’ guidance and expertise, my colleagues and I were able to review and address organizational strengths and weaknesses in support of the development of a strategic action plan. Ms. Harris provided insight that prepared my team to address organizational leadership and management issues. As a result of her insight and ability to pull our team together to work constructively, we created a work plan that is being fully utilized to this day.

- Dr. Dawn D. Wynne Director of Implementation CTB/McGraw-Hill Companies

Elaine Robbins Harris developed and facilitated a two day retreat for the Executive Staff of Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. The retreat theme was Empowering the Team for Effective Change Management. 

It was a powerful, highly interactive session that fostered lively discourse and open sharing of experiences, insights and ideas. The entire Executive Staff commented that they appreciated the opportunity to convene in a stimulating environment, learn from one another, build on their strengths and determine next steps to address my vision for the department and the necessary changes to support that vision

- Erwin McEwen, Director, Illinois Department of Children and Family Services

Dear Ms. Harris ,

In reviewing the materials from our recent Executive Staff retreat, it brought to mind all of the hard work which you expended on our behalf in making the Retreat such a success. I just wanted to add my thanks for a job well done. I know that a lot of time goes into facilitating a get-together such as ours, and from the positive comments which I’ve heard from others, your diligent execution was deeply appreciated by all who participated.

Most sincerely,

Dixie Lee Peterson, General Counsel, Illinois Department of Children and Family Services